Ataribox is The Newest Console for Atari in 25 Years

When I was a kid, I had parents that always showed they knew me by buy gifts that they figured I would want before I knew I wanted it. One f those gifts was an Atari 2600 for Christmas. It was an awesome console with, by today’s standards, very simple looking games. But some f them have stayed with me even till now, as games that were fun to play after so many years. Now, Atari is starting to release details on a new game console, after 25 years. 

The Ataribox doesn’t have a release date yet, and details are coming out slowly, because Atari is saying they want to do it right. Well it doesn’t hurt that it’s building anticipation as a by product of their slow release of information happens. I mean, I just discovered this today and after seeing the pictures, I had to know more!

It has an SD card port, HDMI and 4 USB ports. It’s also ben said that it will not only run classic games, but also current ones. But still no CPU or graphics hardware specs are known. It’ll also have an option of a Black/Red or woodgrain look, like the classic 2600 had.

This is something straight out of my childhood and is something I would definitely wouldn’t mind owning and seeing under my TV. But personally, as an adult, I don’t know if I would have the time to play. I have a relaunched Sega Genesis system, that cant play original cartridges in it, but haven’t had much time to play those games. Still, being able to play all those classics from when I was a kid, even the notoriously bad E.T. game, that many has said is the worst ever, would be cool to play. Even if it was just for getting frustrated and yelling at it again.

I’ll be watching this, for more info and I already signed up for the mailing list. It also appears from the website, they are looking for people to do development work based on some of the buttons on the website. Now that would be a dream come true. To work for a company that gave me a lot of great memories of going to friend’s houses and playing games with them, as I was growing up.

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