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Want A Million Dollars?

Winning a million dollars couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is visit remote locations with a significant other, friend, co-worker, etc. Oh yeah, did I mention you’ll be competing in various competitions and challenges with other teams? Ok so maybe the million dollars isn’t coming quite so easy…but you have the chance at it with the open casting call for the Amazing Race coming to Saratoga!

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School Is Closed – Disney’s Frozen ‘Let it Go’ Parody

The head of the Moses Brown School in Rhode Island just raised the bar for administrators everywhere with his announcement of school being closed due to the snow storm!

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It’s the Ultimate Blind Date…Racing Around the World!

If you’ve ever gone out on a blind date you know how awkward it can be. From not knowing what to talk about to having nothing in common – now imagine being paired together on a race around the world. That’s what the producers of the Amazing Race have done for the 26th season of the show.

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Is Your Favorite Artist Coming to SPAC This Summer?

It’s my favorite time of the year – the announcements are starting to come out of artists on tour and coming to Central New York. From the New York State Fair to the Times Union Center and SPAC – we are lucky to have so many great venues to welcome so many great artists!

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She Was Dumped Days Before Her Wedding…What She Did Next Is AMAZING!

Did you hear about this story? A woman was dumped a mere five days before her wedding. Practically left at the alter. All the wedding plans were in place, guests were coming…and her fiancee tells her he’s not in love with her anymore. Some people would have their entire world crash down on them and would fall into a deep depression, but not this woman.

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Why Do We Live in New York State? …

The title of this blog says it all. I’ve thought about it multiple times. Why do I stay? My family is here and I’m very close to my family. So I got married, inherited a step-daughter, bought a house, and am now expecting a child – all in New York State. I figure everywhere you live there is going to be something you don’t like. For me, it’s the snow and cold.

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An Important Note to Shoppers This Holiday Season…

I know you’re out running from store to store buying those perfect gifts, dealing with crowds, waiting in lines, and getting frustrated with this time of year – but have you ever taken a minute to think about those people behind the cash registers and counters?

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Let It Snow – a Frozen Parody For Western New York!

What do you do with 7 feet of snow? If you’re from western New York you make the most of it!

Kmart – “Work on Thanksgiving Or Be Fired”

As you know there are many stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving, forcing many employees to leave their families and homes and take on shifts at their perspective stores.

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19 Kids And Counting in Trouble?

Let this be a lesson to you – be careful what you post on your Facebook page. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may be learning that the hard way as now thousands have signed a petition to have 19 Kids and Counting canceled!

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