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Watch Korean Girls Try American BBQ

Some here in America envy what other countries have. I personally love English and Scottish food, even though I was brought up in an Italian household and believe pizza is a major food group! But we should keep in mind, that we are the envy to other countries for what we have too. Like our Barbecued food. It’s something new for Koreans and these girls let us know what they think about some of our most popular BBQ foods. Read the rest of this entry

McDonald’s Testing Out All You Can Eat Fries

One of the best things in the free world, in my opinion, is McDonald’s fries. I always seem to never have enough of them when I do eat out at a McDonald’s, which recently has been not very often. Would all you can eat fries get you, or me back into their restaurant?  Read the rest of this entry

Subway Offering Free Sub on National Sandwich Day November 3rd

FREE subs!  Subway is offering a free sub on National Sandwich Day, Tuesday, November 3rd.  Find out out how you secure yourself a $0.00 sub. Read the rest of this entry

Stewart’s Offering Free Coffee For National Coffee Day September 29th

Stewart’s shops will be offering FREE Coffee on National Coffee Day next week.  Check out when and where you can sip on a cup, ANY SIZE! Read the rest of this entry

Joe’s Crabshack Closes in Latham

Joe’s Crabshack in Latham appears to have mysteriously closed this week, just three short years after opening their first restaurant in the Capital Region.    Read the rest of this entry

How Albany, NY. Pronounces Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces – whether in the form of two peanut butter cups, smothered with chocolate or as tiny delights sitting in a hard shell, it is hard to pass up either style any day.  However, when asking for a Reese’s outside of the Capital Region, I occasionally get strange looks due to how I pronounce the name.  Say the candy name aloud – Reese’s – Pieces.  Are we pronouncing “Reese’s Pieces” the same? Read the rest of this entry

Researcher Makes Yogurt From The Bacteria in Her Vagina

We’ve heard about the woman who knitted things with yarn she had in her vagina, but now, a researcher has decided to make yogurt from the bacteria in her vagina. Yum! Read the rest of this entry

KFC Sinks To New Disgusting Level With Double Down Dog

It was ballsy enough for KFC to come out with the original Double Down which consisted of two pieces of chicken in place of bread with bacon and cheese in the middle. Now they’ve gone a step further and added in a hot dog.  Read the rest of this entry

Route 7 in Latham Lands a Sonic Drive-In

The Capital Region’s first ever Sonic Drive-In now has a location!  The fast food chain has been rumored to hit the Albany area for almost a year.  Latham was pegged to sport the eatery but an actual address hadn’t been given – until today.  See where Sonic is going to open up this Spring. Read the rest of this entry

Anheuser Busch Creates Bud Light Home Delivery App

Want a cold beer delivered to your door with the touch of a button?  Anheuser Busch is now making this possible with the Bud Light Button, a Smartphone app, allowing delicious suds to arrive at your doorstep in just one hour.  Check out how you can get your beer delivered. Read the rest of this entry