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Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover At Golds Gym

Now when I say he went “undercover”, I mean he put on a fake mustache and wig. He didn’t change his voice, which is a dead giveaway. I’m actually surprised that more people didn’t realize who he was after hearing him talk.  Read the rest of this entry

Stop Making Such a Big Deal Out Of The Richard Sherman Thing, It Was Hilarious

After Sunday, we know who will be going to the Super Bowl in New Jersey. The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks win their games and advance, but all you’re hearing about is Seattle cornerback  Richard Sherman’s post game antics.  Read the rest of this entry

Indiana Pacers’ Paul George Makes Dunk For the Ages

The Indiana Pacers quietly have the best record in the NBA and suit up budding star, Paul George.  While Lebron James and the Miami Heat may get all of the attention and accolades in the league,  George threw down a MONSTER dunk last night against the Los Angeles  Clippers that’s about to have everyone take note.  Check out Paul George’s in-game REVERSE 360 Windmill.    Read the rest of this entry

‘Walking Dead’ Gets Zombie Prankster To Pull Awesome New Prank

When it comes to pranks as long as they aren’t being done to us, we love them. Nick Santonastasso has pulled a few zombie pranks in his day, and now he’s back. This time he was recruited by the folks at AMC’s “The Walking Dead’ to pull a prank on the one, the only, Norman “Daryl Dixon” Reedus.  Read the rest of this entry

Planet Fitness Removes Squat Racks Because They Are Too Intimidating — For Real?

Alright. Enough is enough. I had been hearing that Planet Fitness had removed squat racks at various gyms because they were too “intimidating”, but it turns out that it is true.  Read the rest of this entry

Knicks J.R. Smith Brings Schoolyard Tactics To NBA, Shocker!

Admittedly, I’m writing this with a little hatred for J.R. Smith, but still. Earlier this week he was caught on camera untying th shoes of Shawn Marion of the Dallas Mavericks. Read the rest of this entry

Where Are They Now Christmas Version: Cindy Lou Who aka Taylor Momsen

If you’ve been watching Christmas movies like I have the past few weeks, you’ve seen ABC Family replay How The Grinch Stole Christmas, starring Jim Carrey, about 20 times. And the breakout star of the movie aside from Carrey, was the little girl who played Cindy Lou Who. But where is this child actor now? Faring better than most other child actors, because she’s a bad ass rock girl and she’s hot too! Read the rest of this entry

Robinson Cano, and Jay-Z Are Exactly What Is Wrong With Baseball

By now we all know that a long-term deal for any athlete is a huge mistake. Yes, sometimes it’s a matter of keeping a great player in the same uniform for their entire career (Jeter, Brady, Pedroia), but other times it’s all about the money.  Read the rest of this entry

New York is 9th in Penis Size in the U.S.!

We all seem to be fixated with rankings and lists that tell us where one thing or another is, in the grand scheme of things. I’m not sure how I feel about this one though. According to a recent non scientific survey based on the size of condoms sold, New York males have the 9th largest penises in the United States. Read the rest of this entry