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How Many Steps You Must Walk To Burn Off Your Lunch

How many steps must you walk to burn off your lunch today?  The answer: many.  If you’re looking down at your Fitbit, impressed with the 5,000 steps you have taken thus far, you’ll be far less thrilled to learn that you’ve burned enough calories to negate the soda you drank – and only the soda.  See the insane amount of steps it’ll take to work off your latest meal. Read the rest of this entry

Rich’s Movember Update

So at the start of November, I saved off my beard and mustache for Movember, to help raise money for Men’s Health awareness through the Movember Foundation. Take a look at how far I am now.  Read the rest of this entry

Have You Heard About The Teal Pumpkins?

If you were a kid like me you bounded from house to house on Halloween trying to see how much candy you could collect before either your parents made you go home because it was too cold or it got too late. What if you’re a kid with a food allergy? Halloween isn’t quite as fun. Researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies. That affects 1 in every 13 children in the U.S. It’s a potentially deadly disease, especially on Halloween. But all of that could be changed with the teal pumpkin!

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Science Says Smelling Farts Is Good for You

According to many men and women who are smarter then me, smelling a fart is actually a good thing for your health. So guys, next time you “Dutch Oven” the significant other, you’re doing them a favor. Read the rest of this entry

Albany lucks out: Paul McCartney’s first post-illness stop will be Capital Region

ImageReps for Paul McCartney announced last night that the singer would be forced to postpone his U.S. tour dates.  The former Beatles singer is following doctor’s orders after contracting a virus while on tour in late May, forcing him to cancel his “Out There Japan Tour 2014”.

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Fifteen Year French Study Says Bras Make Boobs Sag/Unnessecary

Some very smart French scientists have recently concluded a 15 year study on breasts and the necessity of wearing bras. After all that time, the conclusion is that they are a ‘False Necessity’, and will actually encourage them to sag, and provide no benefits and may be harmful in the long term. I should have guessed the French would be doing a study like this. Read the rest of this entry