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She Was Dumped Days Before Her Wedding…What She Did Next Is AMAZING!

Did you hear about this story? A woman was dumped a mere five days before her wedding. Practically left at the alter. All the wedding plans were in place, guests were coming…and her fiancee tells her he’s not in love with her anymore. Some people would have their entire world crash down on them and would fall into a deep depression, but not this woman.

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Five Reasons Why We’re Excited To See Katy Perry Perform At The Super Bowl

Katy Perry will be performing at the halftime show during this year’s Super Bowl! Check out the top five reasons why we at X-Jock can’t wait to see the sultry Ms. Perry grace our television screens, as we pray for another wardrobe malfunction. Read the rest of this entry

This Vine of Katy Perry Partying With Ole Miss Fans Is Awesome

Ole Miss had an extra fan this weekend, and after beating Alabama 23-17 thy certainly owe Katy Perry a bit of thanks for cheering them on.  Read the rest of this entry

Starbucks Says “No” to Pregnant Woman

It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen…

In news this week Starbucks is receiving a lot of negative publicity after a store in North Phoenix refused to let an 8-month pregnant woman use the bathroom.

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Some Jerk Named Zac Posen Ruined This Heidi Klum Topless Photo

Heidi Klum has done her fair share of showing off her super model body, but she’s never actually posed nude. Sure, she’s almost posed nude, but that was for charityRead the rest of this entry

We’re Very Impressed With How McKayla Maroney Celebrated the Fourth of July

McKayla Maroney, the USA gymnast who is most famous for her unimpressed look celebrated American Independence in one of the most American ways possible. Read the rest of this entry

Utica Woman Set To Make National Televsion Debut As She Vies For Miss Manhattan Title

By day, Tonya Kassler lives the normal life, working at the Riverside Diner and prepping for Radiological classes at MVCC.  At night, she dons a sash to take on duties as Miss Utica.  Making public appearances, volunteering around her work schedule and raising money for charity, Kassler represents the title well.   Aiming for new heights, Miss Utica is now not only running for Miss Manhattan, she’ll also add Actress to her resume – check out where she’ll make her national television debut! Read the rest of this entry

MLB Teams Sing-Along To A Taylor Swift Song on Twitter

Taylor Swift is everywhere.  She’s on your radio, television and in our wildest dreams.  Normally, we don’t mind – I mean, she’s a solid 11 on a scale from 1-10.  However, the last place we thought T-Swizzle would appear is in the sports world.  We check our guilty pleasures at the gate when we roll into a baseball game, right?  Not yesterday.  The MLB Twitter account posted a photo of baseball gloves, with the caption: “It’s a glove story”, a take on Swift’s song, It’s a Love Story.  Multiple baseball teams couldn’t resist to follow-up with a Twitter sing-along to the tune with their own team’s spin.  Check out the dig that the first place Brewers chipped in with! Read the rest of this entry

Who Is The Sexiest Mean Girl? [VIDEO]

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the movie Mean Girls.  Your girlfriend loved it, so don’t lie – you have not only watched at least once, but you have a favorite scene: The Santa Claus dance.  So – which of the “plastics” is the sexiest Mean Girl?  Let’s take a look. Read the rest of this entry

Buffalo Bills Will NOT Have Cheerleaders Next Season as the “Jills” Suspend Operations [VIDEO]

The gorgeous cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills, the Jills, will NOT be on the sidelines for the upcoming NFL season.  There will be no cheering on their team, nor public appearances made for a team that has already dealt with enough pain and heartache in the last year.  The Buffalo Jills have suspended operations. Read the rest of this entry