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Fight Breaks out at Giants and Lions Game

Our own Monte Jennings is becoming a minor celeb! He caught a couple fans fighting at a game between the Giants and his own Lions. Seems the one guy threw up on the other, and, well it takes off from there. 

Shirtless Man Fires Corncobs At Neighbor’s House With A Potato Gun

Usually these kinds of stories start with “A Florida Man..”, but this time around, New England is getting some representation thanks to a man in Rhode Island, who was taking a feud with his neighbor to the next step! Read the rest of this entry

Japanese Pole Vaulter’s Penis Dashes Olympic Gold Hopes

The quest for a gold medal for Japanese Pole Vaulter Hiroki Ogita were crushed when his penis came into contact to the high bar and caused it to fall. So I guess you could say he was cock blocked? (*cough* sorry.) Have a look! Read the rest of this entry

Gotta Catch The Pokémon Sex Toys

To me, there is nothing sexier than a geek girl. A woman who isn’t afraid to show her love for all things geeky, like Star Wars, Doctor Who or Harry Potter. So I’m guessing these new toys are aimed at a similar demographic.  Read the rest of this entry

I got Into a Facebook Argument with an “Election Official”

So those that have read this blog and heard me on the radio, and read my Facebook wall, will know I sometimes post funny stuff. Just this morning, I was feeling kind of fed up with the political process, and posted a meme that was meant to be satire and humourus. Well, one election official thought it wasn’t and decided to “educate” me.  Read the rest of this entry

Read the Diary of Lzzy Hale on Tumblr

Ever wish you could get a peak at Lzzy Hale’s diary and get inside her head?  Dreams are now a reality as the Halestorm front-woman is currently blogging on Tumblr.  Read about Lzzy’s inner secrets, love life, and how she lives  “sex, drugs and rock & roll.” You can also learn about a serious medical issue with her voice – one that has caused show cancellations. Read the rest of this entry

Here Is Marvel’s Current Phase Three Lineup

When Marvel first announced their big Phase Three lineup at their Marvel event in 2014 we got excited. That line up has gotten a bit shaken up, but here is what we know so far.  Read the rest of this entry

‘Game of Thrones’ Rumor: Lady Stoneheart Coming To Westeros, and with an Army

Book readers had all but lost hope that Lady Stoneheart would be making an appearance on HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, but it looks like we will see her in the upcomign season six.  Read the rest of this entry

Oxford Dictionary Adds Beer O’Clock

Never a bad time for a beer, right?  It’s always 5:00 PM somewhere!  The Oxford Dictionary, our most definitive authority on the English language, agrees – anytime of the day is a fine time to open your favorite adult beverage.  As of today, the dictionary has officially included BEER O’CLOCK. Read the rest of this entry

Watch The Star Wars Episode 7 TV Promo That Aired in Korea

Seems the word got out fast about a 30 second promo for Star Wars Episode 7 that played on Korean TV. Watch it below!

As you noticed, it was in English, but subtitled in Korean. But the only new scene I see, is just the big shot of all those storm troopers. The rest of the footage, we’ve seen in the teaser trailer that was released at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Still, we’re only 128 days away as of the posting of this story. Do you think we’ll start to see some of the same thing here in the United States? Let’s hope so!