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Seen the Video of Facebook Statuses of The Boston Snowstorm With Sad Civil War Music?

We already talked about how Boston just got dumped on by Mother Nature, but someone else decided to just rub it in more by gathering some Facebook posts and putting it all to some sad music that sounds like it came from a Civil War documentary. Take that Beantown!! (more…)


Bostonians Are Acting Crazy With All That Snow

We got a lot of snow here in Albany, and the surrounding communities. But Boston and Western Massachusetts got slammed! And with all that snow just sitting there, and cities struggling to get it all cleaned up, some cabin fever is going to happen. We’re going to see a few crazy things. But this crazy? Sure, why not? Read the rest of this entry

Facebook Went Down and 5 People Lost Their Shit and Called 911

Every website, and I mean every website, has downtime. Be it maintenance or a hardware failure, or even something with their network, it’s going to happen from time to time. It even happens to Facebook, which did happen on Monday, but for so brief a time, not much was made of it, except by the people that called 911 to report Facebook was down.  Read the rest of this entry

KFC Sinks To New Disgusting Level With Double Down Dog

It was ballsy enough for KFC to come out with the original Double Down which consisted of two pieces of chicken in place of bread with bacon and cheese in the middle. Now they’ve gone a step further and added in a hot dog.  Read the rest of this entry

Kylie Jenner Quits School Because She’s So Over It

More and more these days we have powerful women speaking up about feminism and making your mark in the world as a strong, intelligent woman. And then there’s Kylie Jenner.  Read the rest of this entry

WWE Raw Reunion Made Me Feel So, So Old

Man did I love wrestling when I was a kid. WWE (WWF at the time) and WCW were so awesome. So when I heard that the guys from NWO and a few other legends would be on Raw Monday night I knew I needed to tune in for nostalgia sake.  Read the rest of this entry

Woman Gets Caught Petting Man on Live TV – Immediately Embarrassed

We’ve all done something in public that we aren’t proud of. But what I can’t figure out is why this girl got so embarrassed after the camera caught her petting a man.  Read the rest of this entry

Dear Lord, Someone Wants To Pay Mama June To Make A Sex Tape

There isn’t enough fire in the world to burn my eyes out if they ever saw a glimpse of such a thing.  Read the rest of this entry

This Christmas Light Show To ‘Let It Go’ is Amazing!

We’ve all seen the houses with the lights that make them look like a winter wonderland and many even have music synchronized to the lights to give you an amazing show. This is one that you really should check out. Read the rest of this entry

Let It Snow – a Frozen Parody For Western New York!

What do you do with 7 feet of snow? If you’re from western New York you make the most of it!