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Dear ‘Agents of SHIELD’, Can Fitz Catch a Break?

It seems as though every time things are going right for Fitz things change quickly. Can’t he ever win? Read the rest of this entry

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Spinoff Series in the Works

We’re just getting to the end of the second season of Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’ and it looks like they’re already looking to expand. Read the rest of this entry

‘How to Get Away With Murder’ – You Had Me, You Lost Me, You Got Me Back

I have an odd relationship with television. I become obsessed with shows that I love, and become filled will all kinds of hate for shows that I don’t care for or for shows that betray my trust. Let’s just say that my relationship with ABC’s new “How To Get Away With Murder” has been up and down.  Read the rest of this entry

Is Your Favorite Fall TV Show Headed For The Chopping Block?

The first casualty of the fall TV season is Manhattan Love Story, the show that allows you to hear the inner thoughts of a young dating couple. The show on ABC has been canceled after only four episodes. It’s no surprise as Manhattan Love Story didn’t get much traction and was on immediately following another new show. So what other shows may be following in the footsteps of Manhattan Love Story?

Read the rest of this entry