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Social Experiment: Would You Notice This Woman Wearing Just A Thong And Painted On jeans?

If you say no, you are clearly not alone. As demonstrated in this video no one seems to notice that this woman is walking down the street in only a thong.  Read the rest of this entry

Albany, NY Model Chelsie Aryn Featured in 2014 Affliction Clothing Calendar

It’s always nice to see when someone from the same small town you grew up in is making moves in the world. Berne, NY’s Chelsie Aryn is really making herself known in the modeling world.  Read the rest of this entry

Taylor Momson Gets Naked in The Pretty Reckless “Heaven Knows” Video

We are far, far romoved from cute little Taylor Momson in “The Grinch.” As pointed out before, this former child actor is now a badass rocker – and has a badass body to go with it.  Read the rest of this entry

10 Times We Almost Lost Our Shit Watching Shakira + Rihanna’s New Music Video

By now you have probably seen the new music video “Can’t Remember To Forget You” by Shakira featuring Rihanna. If you haven’t seen it, watch it nowRead the rest of this entry

Everyone Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Rihanna + Shakira’s Sexy New Music Video

There is no one on this Earth that can shake their booty quite like Shakira, so to pair her up with the seductive Rihanna, well that’s just sexy overload. Read the rest of this entry

10 Reasons Why Yoga Pants Are The Most Dangerous Weapon Of All

There is no question that guys love Yoga Pants, and girls look damn good in them. But ladies, do you understand what you do to us when you do wear them? Read the rest of this entry

Three Days After Giving Birth, This New Mom Has Rock Hard Abs, And The World Is Pissed

Sometimes when celebrities have a baby we are amazed that they lose the baby belly so fast. Usually it’s within a month, or so. Still, that’s super quick compared to the months that it takes most normal mothers to get back into shape after a pregnancy. Until this super woman emerged online, and made a whole lot of people mad.  Read the rest of this entry

Kate Middleton Is The Most Adorable Thing That Didn’t Know What ‘Sexting’ Was

In this day and age people live and die by their cellphones. They also like to share naughty things, as well. It’s known as “sexting”, and it’s something that I personally never got into. Apparently Kate Middleton and I have more in common than I thought.  Read the rest of this entry

Miley Cyrus Performs With Cat at AMAs, And We Don’t Really Understand Why

Alright, I love cats, and I like girls in little to no clothing, but this acid trip by Miley Cyrus still has me scratching my head.  Read the rest of this entry