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Texas Beer Company Rolls Out New 99 Pack of Beer

Because a 30 rack isn’t enough anymore, one Texas beer company is doing it bigger. And why shouldn’t they? They are in Texas, after all.  Read the rest of this entry

Rich’s Geek Cave – Got Didgeridoo? [VIDEO]

Eric “ET” Telesky is a guest in the Geek Cave and he brings and plays his Didgeridoo to start the show! Plus we do a beer taste test of something I picked up at the local Price Chopper. (more…)

Rich’s Geek Cave – AleWerks’ Springhouse Beer Tasting [VIDEO]

While in Williamsburg, V.A., I stopped by AleWerks and took a tour of their brewery and had some beer at their tap room, and was it mmm, mmm, GOOD! (more…)

Watch Brad Pitt Toss Beer To His Neighbor – Matthew McConaughey [VIDEO]

Imagine walking the streets of New Orleans and you see neighbors chatting it up, knocking a few cold ones back.  Nothing out of the ordinary, right?  Unless these neighbors happen to be two of the biggest actors on the planet.  Check out a video of Brad Pitt tossing beer to his neighbor, Matthew McConaughey – and how legendary quarterback, Drew Brees, randomly shows up with a sandwich. Read the rest of this entry

BIG Rich’s Geek Cave – Leinenkugel’s Orange Shandy Beer Review [VIDEO]

If you’ve been following my Twitter or my Facebook, you know I am building a studio in my home to produce podcasts, like the X-Cast, as well as videos, to post here for you. Well, here’s the first of I hope will be many from my “Geek Cave”. (more…)

Sam Adams Yanks Sponsorship of South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

A few things come to mind when you think of Boston, and Samuel Adams beer is one of them. They took a big stand on Friday by pulling out of the big Southie parade because not everyone is allowed to participate.  Read the rest of this entry

Anna Kendrick’s New Castle Brown Ale Super Bowl Commercial Is The Best Non-Super Bowl Commercial Ever

Alright, so I’ve been watching a lot of “Pitch Perfect” lately, and Anna Kendrick is pretty awesome in it. Yes, she was also in “Twilight” but we can forget about that after seeing this awesomely hilarious ad she did for New Castle Brown Ale. It may or may not be the best Super Bowl commercial of the year – or EVER.  Read the rest of this entry

Check Out This Map of All The Breweries In The United States



As a lover of beer, I have to say that I may be making a purchase with this. Not only is it a map of the USA (educational), but it’s also a map to delicious beer. Awesome. This should be in everyone’s car to replace the now unnecessary atlas. But don’t drink and drive. That’s just not cool.