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Buffalo Bills Pay Fans Money and Tickets To Shovel Out Stadium

With up to six feet of snow falling in the area, the Buffalo Bills are in a tough spot when it comes to their game against the New York Jets this Sunday.  A smidge of snow is currently covering Ralph Wilson Stadium and the Bills are seeking help clearing the powder in order for the game to be played. For payment, the team is offering $10 per hour AND game tickets.  Got a shovel?!  The catch?  There is 220,000 tons of snow.  Tons. Read the rest of this entry

Uncle Rico Throws Winning TD Pass to Buffalo’s Sammy Watkins

Yesterday the Buffalo Bills had an amazing last second win over the Minnesota Vikings 17-16. But did you know that it wasn’t actually Kyle Orton who threw that winning pass to Sammy Watkins? Read the rest of this entry

#ICYMI – Buffalo, NY Bans Bon Jovi And Psy is Back With Snoop Dogg

It’s another case of “you can’t make this stuff up.” In a quick roundup of what’s going on in the world, one city has declared one rock star unfit for them and Psy and Snoop Dogg both took acid together, filmed it, and posted it.  Read the rest of this entry

Buffalo Bills Will NOT Have Cheerleaders Next Season as the “Jills” Suspend Operations [VIDEO]

The gorgeous cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills, the Jills, will NOT be on the sidelines for the upcoming NFL season.  There will be no cheering on their team, nor public appearances made for a team that has already dealt with enough pain and heartache in the last year.  The Buffalo Jills have suspended operations. Read the rest of this entry

Is Jon Bon Jovi Interested In Buying the Buffalo Bills?

It’s no news that Jon Bon Jovi is a sports fan. He was the owner of the Philadelphia Soul arena football team from 2004-2008, so could he be interested in NFL ownership? Read the rest of this entry