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This Cat Cafe’ Is a Hit With Coffee Drinkers

Cat Cafe’s are a thing in Asia. The cats live in a cafe and people come in to mingle and play with the cats while having a drink. Now it’s come to America, and it’s a hit! Read the rest of this entry

Californians Try To Pronounce Names of Upstate New York Towns, and Fail Epically

While I was in Sacramento, California back in 2007, I watched a news story on TV about an emergency landing a plane had to make at the Albany International Airport. What caught my attention, was the fact that the anchor couldn’t pronounce the name, Albany correctly. She said “Al-bany” and not “All-bany”. FAIL! Read the rest of this entry

Fastrax Raceway in Albany Closes With No Notice and Their Paychecks Are Bouncing

You know that cool go-kart racetrack on Washington Ave, in the Crossgates Commons? If you’ve never been there, you won’t get the chance ever again because it closed without notice. Their location in Poughkeepsie also closed up. And to make things worse, their former employee’s paychecks are bouncing.  Read the rest of this entry