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Watch The New 6 Minute Supergirl TV Trailer

So in the last episode of Geek Show, we made mention of the new DC show Supergirl and that it would be shown on the CBS network, which also owns the CW where we can follow The Flash and Arrow. Now we’re getting our first look at Supergirl with a 6 minute trailer, which gives us a good idea of how the show will play out.  (more…)

Is Your Favorite Fall TV Show Headed For The Chopping Block?

The first casualty of the fall TV season is Manhattan Love Story, the show that allows you to hear the inner thoughts of a young dating couple. The show on ABC has been canceled after only four episodes. It’s no surprise as Manhattan Love Story didn’t get much traction and was on immediately following another new show. So what other shows may be following in the footsteps of Manhattan Love Story?

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‘How I Met Your Mother’ Ends On A Sour Note For Some Fans

Nine years. It has been nine years of wondering about why exactly Ted has sat down to tell his children about how he met their mother. It all wrapped up on Monday night in an epic fart of a series finale. Spoilers ahead. Read the rest of this entry

Get Ready, Because ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Is About To End The Series With A Major Gut Punch

Nine years. It has been nine years that we have all been watching “How I Met Your Mother” (and loved almost every minute of it) in wonder waiting to see how Ted finally met the mother of his children. Read the rest of this entry