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Oak Lawn Toyota’s ‘Keys In a Box’ Is The Best Car Commercial Ever

Local car dealerships all have those stereotypical commercials. The owner or someone who’s in charge comes out and tells you about all of their “great deals” going on, but not this ad. The folks over at Oak Lawn Toyota put some real thought into their Christmas advertisement this season, and it’s fantastic.  Read the rest of this entry

Anna Kendrick’s New Castle Brown Ale Super Bowl Commercial Is The Best Non-Super Bowl Commercial Ever

Alright, so I’ve been watching a lot of “Pitch Perfect” lately, and Anna Kendrick is pretty awesome in it. Yes, she was also in “Twilight” but we can forget about that after seeing this awesomely hilarious ad she did for New Castle Brown Ale. It may or may not be the best Super Bowl commercial of the year – or EVER.  Read the rest of this entry