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Fight Breaks out at Giants and Lions Game

Our own Monte Jennings is becoming a minor celeb! He caught a couple fans fighting at a game between the Giants and his own Lions. Seems the one guy threw up on the other, and, well it takes off from there. 

Wearing Opposing Team Gear To An NFL Game – Monte Takes The Challenge

We all know that guy.  The guy that wears  a Red Sox jersey in the bleachers of Yankee Stadium.  The fella in the Cowboys coat in MetLife.  Mr. “I can wear a Duke t-shirt at the Dean Dome.”  This is usually the same fan whom is escorted from the game twenty minutes after it started.  Not because the police are homers – but more for the safety of the brave away team’s fan.   Threats of ice balls to the face and 20,000 mamma jokes can take their toll and things could escalate.  NEVER did I think I would be THAT guy.  However, my Detroit Lions are coming to Philadelphia this weekend.   Am I ready to gear up, Detroit style? Read the rest of this entry