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Someone is Trying to Hack into Dropbox With Stolen Passwords

Dropbox is another in a long line of websites that is under attack from hackers trying to gain access to user accounts, forcing users to play the game “Time To Reset Your Password!”  Read the rest of this entry

Snapchat Was Hacked And 13 Gigabytes of Photos Were Leaked. It’s Called The Snappening!

OK, so let’s recap, again. Fappening 1, Fappening 2, Fappening 3, and now, The Snappening. Yep, Snapchat was hacked and thousands of photos were leaked, some of them of course, nude photos.  Read the rest of this entry

The Perverted Things You’re Searching For on X-Jock

What do Yoga pants, jizz, Kate Upton and naked photos all have in common? Those are the topics you’re searching for on X-Jock.  Ohhh, you’re a dirty birdie and we love it!  Check out what each of you are typing into the Internet while browsing our website as I take you behind the scenes, into the bowels of X-Jock.  Warning: You’re a pervert. Read the rest of this entry

The Fappening Part 2 Happened Over The Weekend – More Celeb Nude Photos Leaked

Hide yo kids, hide you wife, and hide yo nudes.  Read the rest of this entry