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Fight Breaks out at Giants and Lions Game

Our own Monte Jennings is becoming a minor celeb! He caught a couple fans fighting at a game between the Giants and his own Lions. Seems the one guy threw up on the other, and, well it takes off from there. 

Paul Perkins is Coming to Albany for a Telethon

Paul Perkins, running back with the New York Giants, will be appearing as a special sports guest at the Telethon to benefit the Center for Disability Services on Sunday, January 29. Perkins will also be meeting fans as well. Read the rest of this entry

Uncle Rico Throws Winning TD Pass to Buffalo’s Sammy Watkins

Yesterday the Buffalo Bills had an amazing last second win over the Minnesota Vikings 17-16. But did you know that it wasn’t actually Kyle Orton who threw that winning pass to Sammy Watkins? Read the rest of this entry

Buffalo Bills Will NOT Have Cheerleaders Next Season as the “Jills” Suspend Operations [VIDEO]

The gorgeous cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills, the Jills, will NOT be on the sidelines for the upcoming NFL season.  There will be no cheering on their team, nor public appearances made for a team that has already dealt with enough pain and heartache in the last year.  The Buffalo Jills have suspended operations. Read the rest of this entry

The Seahawks’ Super Bowl Win Summed Up With GIFs

I feel as though most of us thought that Super Bowl XLVIII would be a bit more exciting. The best offense in the NFL faced off against the best defense in the NFL. What did we get? A complete blowout.  Read the rest of this entry

This Photo Proves Just How Awesome Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Are

Just because they’re 73 and 74 years old doesn’t mean that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have stopped having fun. Professor X and Magneto will be watching some football, but do they mean the American or European kind? Read the rest of this entry

More NFL Bad Lip Reading, And No One Is Safe

The Bad Lip Reading folks are back at it with another hilarious montage of NFL players saying not quite the right things. Every time I see this sort of thing, I wish it was really what they were saying, because it’s much more hilarious. Unless it’s Richard Sherman, and it’s always hilarious.  Read the rest of this entry

Stop Making Such a Big Deal Out Of The Richard Sherman Thing, It Was Hilarious

After Sunday, we know who will be going to the Super Bowl in New Jersey. The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks win their games and advance, but all you’re hearing about is Seattle cornerback  Richard Sherman’s post game antics.  Read the rest of this entry

Is Jon Bon Jovi Interested In Buying the Buffalo Bills?

It’s no news that Jon Bon Jovi is a sports fan. He was the owner of the Philadelphia Soul arena football team from 2004-2008, so could he be interested in NFL ownership? Read the rest of this entry