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Derek Jeter Walks Out On Mark Teixeira During Interview On Foul Territory

New York Yankees’ first baseman, Mark Teixeira, has his own interview segment called Foul Territory.  Teixeira’s interview skills appear to be less than stellar, but his on-field play has garnered him some big name guests.  So far, we’ve seen “Tex” speak with a base; an empty chair, he’s had Jacoby Ellsbury and filled him in on his bad beaver experience, and let’s not forget Tex’s offer to be Masahiro Tanaka’s tour guide in a recent episode.  Each sub par sit down has all lead up to Tex’s biggest interview yet – Yankee captain, Derek Jeter.  Watch Jeter walk out on the interview when Tex asks him what it was like to play with Mickey Mantle.  Oh boy…  Read the rest of this entry