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‘Game of Thrones’ Making of the Battle of Hardhome

Those of you who tuned in for Sunday night’s EPIC eighth episode of season 5 of “Game of Thrones” know that the final 15 minutes was one of the most intense scenes in GoT history. So how did the battle of Hardhome come to life? Watch this behind the scenes video and see how the army of dead was raised up. Read the rest of this entry

Watch Tyrion Lannister Sing A Game of Thrones Song About Dead Characters

Peter Dinklange is not only an awesome actor, but a fair singer too. He stepped up to the mic to sing a song for Red Nose Day, a charity that raises money to help children in poverty, all about some of the Game of Thrones characters that died in the show. Remember Ned Stark? He didn’t get past season 1. But who else?

Check out the video for more. It’s pretty funny.

What Happens After Your Character Dies on ‘Game of Thrones?’ Supreme Tweeter Shows Us

Those of us who are fans of “Game of Thrones”, either the books or the television show, absolutley hated the character of Viserys Targaryen. Well, at least I hated him. So what happens to the actor once a character is killed off? Harry Lloyd explains in some a new web series called “Supreme Tweeter.” Read the rest of this entry

HBO Announces A Stand Alone Streaming Service for 2015

Hey all you cable cord cutters, remember when you wished you could get HBO without having to have an account with a cable company? Well, looks like HBO has heard your cries.  Read the rest of this entry

What Would Game of Thrones Look Like In 1995? [VIDEO]

The Interwebs never fails to deliver something cool and interesting when you’re just kind of stumbling around it. Case in point, I present a video of what the Game of Thrones theme and opening would look like if it was made back in 1995. Hodor!  Read the rest of this entry