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Is A Fifth Indiana Jones Movie On The Horizon?

It’s been a while since we saw Indy in action. Six years to be exact, and some credit that with the lackluster reviews of Kingdom of The Crystal Skull, even though the movie made just shy of $800 million dollars. But a single line in a trade publication may have confirmed that Harrison Ford could be putting the Fedora and bullwhip back on. Read the rest of this entry

Disney/Lucasfilm Confirm “Familiar Faces” in Star Wars VII, But No Names

Disney and Lucasfilm just announced that primary production for the new Star Wars movie is slated to begin in May, at Pinewood Studios in England. If you remember, this is where the original movies were filmed, and then when the prequels were announced, production switched to Fox Studios in Australia. I personally think that it’s great they are back in England. To me it gives it a coming home feeling. But there was another bit of news that made me even more interested in this announcement. Read the rest of this entry