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Price is Right Contestants Overbid on an iPhone, By A Lot!

I haven’t really watched the Price is Right since Bob Barker retired, and I like Drew Carey, but I really wished I was watching when this happened. I think I would have lost my lunch and done a spit take with a good belly laugh.  Read the rest of this entry

Tech Tuesday – iPhone HairGate Is Total Bull

First we had Bendgate or Bendghazi if you like, where people said the phone bends. Duh, yeah, so does the Galaxy and a bunch of others. So this was pretty much debunked. But now, we have Hairgate! (Insert face palm here) Read the rest of this entry

2 Dumb Teens Try Bending iPhone 6s in an Apple Store and Film Themselves Doing it [VIDEO]

Nobody said being a teen is easy. They have all kinds of stuff to deal with. Seeing if an iPhone 6 will bend, in an Apple Store is definitely not one of those things. It’s just plain stupid.  Read the rest of this entry