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Watch Kirsten Dunst Do a Cover Of The Vapor’s Turning Japanese [VIDEO]

I’m a fan of 80’s rock. Not only the metal and hard rock stuff, but even some of the pop and “off center” stuff too. I guess you could call it avant guard? Anyways, the Vapors had a cool hit and actress Kristen Dunst did a cover and a music video.
And I gotta say she look amazing in this video! The short dress and the dancing does something for me. Who knew right? Well check it out, just for the music if the visuals aren’t your thing, because it’s pretty good! He’s to her maybe doing a few others!

Check out This Japanese Game Show Where Contestants Get Fondled [NSFW VIDEO]

American TV has it’s run of classic game shows, like Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy. Game shows from other countries can seem a little weird to us here in America. But this one from Japan, where contestants have to sing and not have an orgasim, is the ‘hands’ down winner.   Read the rest of this entry