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The Five Weirdest Things Currently For Sale On eBay

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on-line?  You may laugh trying to remember or even cringe, knowing there are some serious wackos whom will put ANYTHING on the Internet.  Thanks to eBay’s “Totally Bizarre” category, we’ve stumbled upon some seriously odd and creepy stuff available for purchase today.  From Unicorn Cats to souls, check out the five weirdest things currently available on eBay. Read the rest of this entry

The Perverted Things You’re Searching For on X-Jock

What do Yoga pants, jizz, Kate Upton and naked photos all have in common? Those are the topics you’re searching for on X-Jock.  Ohhh, you’re a dirty birdie and we love it!  Check out what each of you are typing into the Internet while browsing our website as I take you behind the scenes, into the bowels of X-Jock.  Warning: You’re a pervert. Read the rest of this entry

Kate Upton Does Victor Cruz’s Salsa Dance In The Super Bowl End Zone [VIDEO]

You don’t have to be a Giants fan to appreciate a Victor Cruz salsa dance in the end zone of Met Life Stadium.  More so when Kate Upton is the one shaking their hips.  Check out the video of Ms. Upton spicing up the end zone as we ready for the Super Bowl. Read the rest of this entry