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X-Jock Predicts The Winner of the Super Bowl

Who will win the Super Bowl Sunday?  The New England Patriots are attempting to dethrone the defending champions, the Seattle Seahawks, whom are trying to be the first team to repeat as winners since – the Patriots.   After going over very important football-related research, we at X-Jock have predicted this year’s winner.  See who each of us is taking to hoist the Lombardi tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry

Five Things You Could Buy For 4.5 Million Dollars Instead of A Thirty-Second Super Bowl Commercial on NBC

NBC has announced that 95% of the advertising space for next month’s Super Bowl has been sold – at 4.5 million dollars per 30-second spot.  As much as we love the halftime commercials, can you believe they cost nine million bucks a minute? Let’s see what else we could buy for 4.5 million beans. Read the rest of this entry

Five Reasons Why We’re Excited To See Katy Perry Perform At The Super Bowl

Katy Perry will be performing at the halftime show during this year’s Super Bowl! Check out the top five reasons why we at X-Jock can’t wait to see the sultry Ms. Perry grace our television screens, as we pray for another wardrobe malfunction. Read the rest of this entry

This Vine of Katy Perry Partying With Ole Miss Fans Is Awesome

Ole Miss had an extra fan this weekend, and after beating Alabama 23-17 thy certainly owe Katy Perry a bit of thanks for cheering them on.  Read the rest of this entry

Katy Perry Is One Sexy Egyptian in ‘Dark Horse’ Music Video

Katy Perry is one of the hottest pop artists currently in the biz. I mean hot in both senses of the word – popular and gorgeous. Personally I have been addicted to this song. Maybe it’s the beat. Who knows. Just add it to my ever growing list of pop music guilty pleasures. Now to go along with the infectious song, is another very Katy Perry music video.  Read the rest of this entry