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The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 29 – NYCC NEWSPLOTION!


As the sun set on New York City, so did this years ComiCon. But a boat load of news came out of it! Some good and some bad, but either way, more then enough for us to dish on. Ready? Steady. GO! It’s a Geek Show! (more…)

The X-Cast: GeekShow Episode 10 – Welcome Back Web Head!


A deal has been struck and BJ and Rich are back to talk about it, as well as thoughts on Agent Carter, Justice League, and a whole bunch more!  (more…)

Tech Tuesday – Did Sony Deserve to Get Hacked? A Little Bit

It’s been a bad week for Sony. I mean a real bad week. They got hacked and had not only personal information of employees stolen, but internal memos and other documents which have getting released on the internet. Not to mention a couple of new movies that haven’t even come out in theaters yet. Did they deserve it? I think a little bit, yeah they did. Read the rest of this entry

Sources Says Sony is Talking About Bringing Spider-Man Back to Marvel

Could it be? Could it really be happening? According to sources with better info then myself or BJ, Sony is in talks with Marvel to either share or give back rights for Spider-Man, to Marvel? Does this mean we’ll be seeing a Civil War movie arc from Marvel Studios? Read the rest of this entry

This Shark Tank – Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Mash Up Is So Awesome! [VIDEO]

Remember Joel, that poor guy stranded on the Satellite of Love with only 2 robots and the station’s A.I. to keep him company all in the name of science to see how he would react to watching nothing but horrible sci-fi movies? He’s moved from film reviews to pitching products! Bad products.. Read the rest of this entry

The Madison Theatre is Showing Our All-Time Favorite Movies – FOR FIVE BUCKS!

The Madison theatre in Albany is now running some of our all-time favorite movies daily.  Not only will we get to see the classics we adored as kids, then grew to love and appreciate as adults, but we can see them all cheaply.  Admission is just FIVE BUCKS!  Check out the killer features and showtimes.

Read the rest of this entry

Disney Set To Crank Out More “Star Wars” Than You Can Handle

In case you missed it, Disney is producing three more “Star Wars” movies set to take place after the events of “Return of the Jedi.” Did you think that would be it? Oh no, you are mistaken. More movies are following that.  Read the rest of this entry

The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 1 – DC vs. Marvel

We’re starting a new show for the website, and if you couldn’t tell by the name, it’s for all of us who love to debate who would win in an all out match up, Master Yoda or Voldermort? Or how about if you bite a zombie instead of it biting you, do you become a zombie? They call themselves Geeks and this show is for them! Read the rest of this entry

Tech Tuesday – Netflix Paid Comcast for Faster Speeds

I’m back on my high “cyber-horse” after seeing just how much Comcast cares for that whole Net Neutrality thing. If you were wondering how much, it’s zero fucks. Read the rest of this entry