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Roses Unread Talks To Us About Their New Video and Music

We got a hold of Allison to talk about their new music video and what they are up to now! Listen to the interview below and also check out their new music video!


Watch Kirsten Dunst Do a Cover Of The Vapor’s Turning Japanese [VIDEO]

I’m a fan of 80’s rock. Not only the metal and hard rock stuff, but even some of the pop and “off center” stuff too. I guess you could call it avant guard? Anyways, the Vapors had a cool hit and actress Kristen Dunst did a cover and a music video.
And I gotta say she look amazing in this video! The short dress and the dancing does something for me. Who knew right? Well check it out, just for the music if the visuals aren’t your thing, because it’s pretty good! He’s to her maybe doing a few others!

Check Out Frank Palangi’s Break These Chains Music Video

As promised, Frank’s new video is now out for his latest song, Break These Chains! Watch it right now and let Frank know what you think! And did you miss our interview with Frank and Josh here in the X1 studio? Check back later for the link to the video and audio!

Let It Snow – a Frozen Parody For Western New York!

What do you do with 7 feet of snow? If you’re from western New York you make the most of it!

OK Go Makes Yet Another Amazing Music Video for ‘I Won’t Let You Go’

The first time that OK Go caught my attention was when they released their treadmill filled music video for “Here it Goes Again” in 2006. They have had some decent success before and after that, but they continue to make groundbreaking music videos, and their latest for “I Won’t let You Go” is no exception. Watch, and enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

Manning Brothers New Fantasy Football Fantasy Song Wins the Internet

Make fun of Eli Manning’s derp face all you want, but this guy is funny. Pair him with his brother Peyton Manning and you have a winning combination. These NFL brothers are back in yet another hilarious commercial/song. This time promoting the new Fantasy Football Channel for DirecTV.  Read the rest of this entry

Katy Perry Is One Sexy Egyptian in ‘Dark Horse’ Music Video

Katy Perry is one of the hottest pop artists currently in the biz. I mean hot in both senses of the word – popular and gorgeous. Personally I have been addicted to this song. Maybe it’s the beat. Who knows. Just add it to my ever growing list of pop music guilty pleasures. Now to go along with the infectious song, is another very Katy Perry music video.  Read the rest of this entry

Taylor Momson Gets Naked in The Pretty Reckless “Heaven Knows” Video

We are far, far romoved from cute little Taylor Momson in “The Grinch.” As pointed out before, this former child actor is now a badass rocker – and has a badass body to go with it.  Read the rest of this entry

Everyone Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Rihanna + Shakira’s Sexy New Music Video

There is no one on this Earth that can shake their booty quite like Shakira, so to pair her up with the seductive Rihanna, well that’s just sexy overload. Read the rest of this entry

You Can’t “Unsee” Porn Actor Ron Jeremy’s Cover of Wrecking Ball

Ever since Miley Cyrus’ twerking on national TV, she has been copied and parodied over and over again. This one though is  the one that takes the cake. Adult film actor Ron Jeremy, affectionately known as “The Hedgehog”, has done porn as well as real acting roles in movies and TV. Now it looks like he’s taking a shot at the music biz. Read the rest of this entry