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Breaking News: Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Banned For Life

The NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, made headlines over the weekend after audio was released which contained horrible, racist remarks during a conversation with his girlfriend.  This, coupled with previous allegations, forced the new NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, to rightfully come down hard on Sterling moments ago.  Sterling has been banned from the NBA for life. Read the rest of this entry

Being Mic’d Up Proves That Carlos Boozer Is Just A Big Kid [VIDEO]

Remember when playing sports was all about having fun and doing your best? I think sometimes as adults we forget about how fun sports are. But not Carlos Boozer. He loves every minute of it.  Read the rest of this entry

Indiana Pacers’ Paul George Makes Dunk For the Ages

The Indiana Pacers quietly have the best record in the NBA and suit up budding star, Paul George.  While Lebron James and the Miami Heat may get all of the attention and accolades in the league,  George threw down a MONSTER dunk last night against the Los Angeles  Clippers that’s about to have everyone take note.  Check out Paul George’s in-game REVERSE 360 Windmill.    Read the rest of this entry