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The X-Cast: Episode 5 – Meet The Rock Goddess [AUDIO]

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Now she hasn’t been very active on the site, but hopefully, after this podcast, we can convince her to come out of her shell. She’s Crista Leigh, The Rock Goddess and a new X-Jock. And in this episode, we kind of get to know her while we talk about nostalgia and how we are all starting to feel older. Read the rest of this entry

Kids React To ‘Ducktales’ Will Make You Feel So Old

Remember when your parents would tel you about what they used to watch or do as a kid and you made the old people jokes? well, now we’re the old people. The Fine Bros have once again made me feel ancient by having kids react to something that I cherished and held dear. Read the rest of this entry

Website Is Live Streaming All Your Favorite 90’s Nickelodeon Shows

Thank the lord! How about a little trip down memory lane? I came upon this website thanks to a friend posting the link on Facebook. It’s called Nick Reboot, and they have every Nickelodeon Show from your childhood live streaming 24/7.  Read the rest of this entry

Checkout this 1984 Promo For Crossgates Mall in Albany [VIDEO]

Here we are in the year 2014. Crossgates Mall, for most of us, has always been a part of our lives. So lets take a trip in the YouTube time machine and see what it was like when this mall first opened.  Read the rest of this entry