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Listen To Richie Phillips Newest Parody on the Health Care Act

If you watched the video of when Richie Phillips stopped by the studio, you heard that he would let us know when he was going to release a new parody song, and he’s gone and done it! And he’s said we could share it with you here and on our streaming station X1. So without further ado, here is his latest called “Starting Over”.

I got Into a Facebook Argument with an “Election Official”

So those that have read this blog and heard me on the radio, and read my Facebook wall, will know I sometimes post funny stuff. Just this morning, I was feeling kind of fed up with the political process, and posted a meme that was meant to be satire and humourus. Well, one election official thought it wasn’t and decided to “educate” me.  Read the rest of this entry

The New House of Cards Trailer Makes You Want to Watch Seasons 1 and 2 Again!

It makes you wonder if the folks from Netflix had some inside info on the Golden Globe Awards, as the new trailer for House of Cards aired right after Kevin Spacey won. But that is a conspiracy for another day, because the trailer, is soo good in my opinion, I may need to watch seasons one and two all over again, to get geared up for three. Read the rest of this entry

Texas Governor Rick Perry Is Still The Absolute Worst

There was a monumental moment for equality today in Texas, a state that passed a law banning same-sex marriage. The federal government decided to say “nah-ah” to their law saying that it was unconstitutional.  Read the rest of this entry

UPDATED: Step Into Your Time Machine and Take a Trip To Wonderful Bigoted Arizona

Instagram, @picturesbyalexie_

Instagram, @picturesbyalexie_

I have heard that Arizona is a beautiful place to go. Beautiful views or the sky and desert. Oh, and let’s not forget about the fact that living there might seem like the deep south during the days of segregation.  Read the rest of this entry