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High School Sends Students Notice Of Mandatory Vagina Inspection

Imagine you’re a high school girl. You’re just going about your own business your senior year when all of a sudden a huge road block pops up right before graduation. You’ve done all your homework, but what if you vagina isn’t up to snuff? That could cost you.  Read the rest of this entry

Killer Clown Prank is Straight Out Of Your Nightmares

I am not someone who hates clowns, but this would scare the hell out of me.  As a mater of fact if I saw anyone kill someone and then run at me I would probably need a change of underwear. This prank is masterfully done. Now please never do it to me.  Read the rest of this entry

Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover At Golds Gym

Now when I say he went “undercover”, I mean he put on a fake mustache and wig. He didn’t change his voice, which is a dead giveaway. I’m actually surprised that more people didn’t realize who he was after hearing him talk.  Read the rest of this entry

‘Walking Dead’ Gets Zombie Prankster To Pull Awesome New Prank

When it comes to pranks as long as they aren’t being done to us, we love them. Nick Santonastasso has pulled a few zombie pranks in his day, and now he’s back. This time he was recruited by the folks at AMC’s “The Walking Dead’ to pull a prank on the one, the only, Norman “Daryl Dixon” Reedus.  Read the rest of this entry