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Tech Tuesday – President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron Come Out Against Personal Encryption

It appears that President Obama thinks that the 4th Amendment and your privacy is over rated when it comes to your smart phone, and Internet connection, because they need to have access to find the bad guys. Really? When did Al-Queda and ISIS start using my iPhone? You know, the one I keep in my pocket all day? Read the rest of this entry

Tech Tuesday – The FCC Is Going To Get Sued for Net Neutrality No Matter What

When President Obama charged FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, a former lobbyist for big media, with making broadband providers the same as utilities, Wheeler didn’t really have to do anything. He doesn’t take orders from the President because the FCC is an independent body that is appointed. But it looks like Wheeler got the message that the Internet needs to be protected.  Read the rest of this entry

Republican Calls President Obama N-Word On Live CSPAN Call

Usually these kind of posts are reserved for someone doing a prank on these phone lines, but this one is just a big step backwards for the human race as we know it.  Read the rest of this entry