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Freddie Mercury Lives In Unreleased Song on Queen’s Latest Album [VIDEO]

I’ve always been a Queen fan, especially of Freddie Mercury. He was, in my opinion, the greatest frontmen in rock music. His vocal range was awesome and even to hear him sing along side opera singers, was amazing to listen to. I don’t know how I had missed the release of this song back in November of 2014, but I’m glad it crossed my radar. But check out this video of this previously unreleased song. It makes me feel like Freddie never left us.


What Would Game of Thrones Look Like In 1995? [VIDEO]

The Interwebs never fails to deliver something cool and interesting when you’re just kind of stumbling around it. Case in point, I present a video of what the Game of Thrones theme and opening would look like if it was made back in 1995. Hodor!  Read the rest of this entry