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We’ve Got a New Web Address

It’s been a while coming in our transition, from blog, to podcasts and now online radio. We’ve got a new web address to be able to share and find us easier!

And if you would like to access our live stream, that’s easier too!!

X1 Online Radio is Live Testing

So we mentioned it in a past episode of Geek Show, and now we’re ready for a limited open beta test. Want to listen and tell us what you think? Now’s your chance! Click the banner to the right to listen to X1, our 24/7 streaming station. Just keep in mind, we’re still in a beta and this won’t be up all the time as we tweak and make adjustments. But we’re really close now! So fire it up and ROCK!

Kevin Richards Lands On His Feet At 100.9 The Cat in Albany

It didn’t take long for one of the areas favorite country radio personalities to find a new home. One week after being let go from WGNA, Kevin Richards has found a home at the rival 100.9 The Cat.  Read the rest of this entry

X-Cast Episode 4 : Radio Stories [AUDIO]


Between the three of us, we’ve been in the radio business for nearly 50 years combined, so something funny has had to happen to us at some point right?


What These Rochester Radio Hosts Said About The Transgender Community Got Them Fired

America is a great country. We have freedom of speech and can say anything that we want. However, we do not have freedom of consequences and a few nasty comments about the transgender community has cost some Rochester, NY radio hosts their jobs. Read the rest of this entry

Have You Heard The Pirate Radio Station In Albany Yet?

Five months ago, a co-worker asked me if I had heard the new Hip Hop station on the radio, that was playing “old school” and if it was a new station. I told him I haven’t heard anything about it. So that on the way home I tuned in and realized, there’s a pirate radio station in Albany. Read the rest of this entry