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Want A Million Dollars?

Winning a million dollars couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is visit remote locations with a significant other, friend, co-worker, etc. Oh yeah, did I mention you’ll be competing in various competitions and challenges with other teams? Ok so maybe the million dollars isn’t coming quite so easy…but you have the chance at it with the open casting call for the Amazing Race coming to Saratoga!

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Watch The Viral Video That Got a Saratoga County Sheriff Deputy Suspended

It was the video that everyone was either watching or posting the last few days. A Saratoga County Sheriff displayed some disturbing behavior during an encounter with a couple of young men.  Read the rest of this entry

Saratoga Scare Fair Is Scary Fun

It’s the time of the year for all things scary. Halloween is almost upon us. Cable stations are showing horror movie marathons, there are many places having costume parties this weekend and there are many haunted houses to scare you half to death. Read the rest of this entry