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Woman Uses An Exercise Machine Wrong, and No One Wants to Tell Her

We’ve all seen things like this before in gyms. Someone in the zone and trying to get a good workout. But I gotta say, this one is probably the best workout I have ever seen, even though she is totally doing it wrong. But it looks so right. So very right! Read the rest of this entry

10 Times We Almost Lost Our Shit Watching Shakira + Rihanna’s New Music Video

By now you have probably seen the new music video “Can’t Remember To Forget You” by Shakira featuring Rihanna. If you haven’t seen it, watch it nowRead the rest of this entry

Everyone Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Rihanna + Shakira’s Sexy New Music Video

There is no one on this Earth that can shake their booty quite like Shakira, so to pair her up with the seductive Rihanna, well that’s just sexy overload. Read the rest of this entry

What Was Wrong With SodaStream’s Banned Scarlet Johansson Commercial? Nothing!

Why is there such a dust up about SodaStream‘s new ad for the Super Bowl starring Scarlet Johansson? She’s not getting naked, which I wouldn’t mind seeing, or doing anything remotely “risqué”. OK, sucking on that straw that way does make me a little warm, but hey, still nothing really wrong there. What’s the deal? Read the rest of this entry