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Why I Can’t Stand This “New” Ghostbusters Movie

When the rumors of a third Ghostbusters movie started surfacing about 3 to 4 years ago, and they seemed to be getting traction, I started to get excited like all the other fans of the movies. We waited and waited for more info, and then we heard it started production! Then we got the trailer. I feel like I was punched in the gut. Read the rest of this entry

Rumor: Marvel and Sony May Have Already Found Their Next Spider-Man

Ever since the big news hit about Spider-Man finally joining the MCU there have been rumors flying about the internet like whoa. A new rumor today, reported by Movie Pilot, suggests that Marvel and Sony have already found the next web head.  Read the rest of this entry

Sony Say Spider-Man Avengers Rumor is False. And Sony is Still A Dick

Did you hear about the rumor that was going around the last couple days saying that Sony and Marvel had finally worked out a deal to get Spider-Man in the new Avengers: Infinity War movies? Well Sony just said it was a false rumor. In other news, Sony is still a dick company.  Read the rest of this entry

Tech Tuesday – Did Sony Deserve to Get Hacked? A Little Bit

It’s been a bad week for Sony. I mean a real bad week. They got hacked and had not only personal information of employees stolen, but internal memos and other documents which have getting released on the internet. Not to mention a couple of new movies that haven’t even come out in theaters yet. Did they deserve it? I think a little bit, yeah they did. Read the rest of this entry

Sources Says Sony is Talking About Bringing Spider-Man Back to Marvel

Could it be? Could it really be happening? According to sources with better info then myself or BJ, Sony is in talks with Marvel to either share or give back rights for Spider-Man, to Marvel? Does this mean we’ll be seeing a Civil War movie arc from Marvel Studios? Read the rest of this entry