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Geek Show Radio: Episode 60 – Amazing Spider-Man Comics

BJ and I are back and were coming to you from a different studio! One, if you’re a radio geek, is very special. But we still dive into some goodies, like the new Amazing Spider-Man comics! We talk about the first 2 issues and Spider-Man in general as well as some of the other new books that are coming out soon, and what we have read. We also touch a little on Comicsgate and what that is, as well as some of the Marvel movies. No live stream as we were in a different studio, but the same great show! Listen up!


Photo: BIG Rich Lawrence : Geek Show Radio hosts BJ Ragone and BIG Rich Lawrence in the WTRY studios in Albany, NY, recording Episode 60 of Geek Show Radio.

Geek Show – Episode 50: Ron Howard Directs Han Solo

Episode 50! A milestone for BJ and I and we couldn’t be happier! And also, we have a really cool announcement for the show as well. So are you ready to get geeky? Then strap yourself in, because we’re going to make the jump to light speed! Punch it Chewie! Read the rest of this entry

The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 38 – OMG! It’s Spidey!


A new episode to please your ears is here! Check out the show notes to follow along with the podcast!

Watch The New Captain America: Civil War Trailer, with Spider-Man!

I just saw Spider-Man! I just saw Spider-Man! I just saw Spider-Man! I just saw Spider-Man! Am I fan boying right now? I feel like I am! We’re getting what we’ve been waiting for! It really is a great time to be a geek! Rest assured, BJ and I will break this down in the next episode of The Geek Show! Till then, keep a paper bag handy so you don’t hyperventilate!


Spider-Man’s MCU Costume Design Revealed?

Spider-Man is a fan favorite, and one of the most recognizable comic book characters in the world. So is he getting a new look for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Read the rest of this entry

The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 16 – THWIP! Goes The Web


Has it been a week already? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. This episode of The Geek Show will hopefully entertain as well as inform you on some of the goings on in the Geek entertainment world. Ready? Set? GO! (more…)

Rumor: Marvel and Sony May Have Already Found Their Next Spider-Man

Ever since the big news hit about Spider-Man finally joining the MCU there have been rumors flying about the internet like whoa. A new rumor today, reported by Movie Pilot, suggests that Marvel and Sony have already found the next web head.  Read the rest of this entry

The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 11 – Leonard Nimoy


Leonard Nimoy

We had just heard the news the same day we were planning on recording this show. So to not look back on Leonard Nimoy’s life and works, would be unthinkable. He was a legend and an artist. And the first segment of this show, talks about that.  Read the rest of this entry

The X-Cast: GeekShow Episode 10 – Welcome Back Web Head!


A deal has been struck and BJ and Rich are back to talk about it, as well as thoughts on Agent Carter, Justice League, and a whole bunch more!  (more…)

CONFIRMED: Spider-Man Coming To Marvel Cinematic Universe

It has been something that fans have been wishing for ever since 2008, and a rumor that studios were discussing. Now it is officially confirmed that Spider-Man will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Read the rest of this entry