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The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 43 – Gotta Catch’em All!


BJ and I have succumbed to the Pokémon GO peer pressure and started playing! And we talk a little about that in this episode! Are you ready to Catch’em All? Let’s go! (more…)

Check out the latest ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Trailer

The next chapter in the “Star Trek” film saga is out in just a few weeks.  Read the rest of this entry

WATCH: First ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Trailer

After the first trailer for “Star Trek: Beyond” leaked, the studio released the trailer in all its glory.  Read the rest of this entry

New ‘Star Trek’ Series Coming To CBS in 2017

Don’t get too excited just yet. It’s coming to CBS, but not in a way that will make many people happy.  Read the rest of this entry

Mashup! Cast A Star Trek Character As A Character From X-Men! [VIDEO]

Saw this picture on Facebook and thought this would be a cool thing to do. Take a character from the Star Trek TV shows and movies, and cast them as characters from X-Men! Good guys or bad guys! Put your ideas in the comments below and we’ll talk about them on the next Geek Show!

And yes, I know I said Worf was Beast when he’s obviously Wolverine. I missed the claws.. Rookie mistake.  😦

Leonard Nimoy b. March 26, 1931 d. February 27, 2015

It is will a heavy heart that we have heard of the passing of one of Science Fiction’s greatest icons. Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing the Vulcan Science and 1st Officer of The Starship U.S.S. Enterprise, on Star Trek: The Original series and numerous movies and television appearances and shows, has passed away at the age of 84 in Los Angeles, California of complications of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseRead the rest of this entry

Star Wars vs. Star Trek Fan Made Movie Trailer Looks Pretty Amazing!

It’s the age old question, what would a movie of Star Wars vs. Star Trek look like? What kind of plot twists would we see? Would main characters die, and who? These are all interesting questions. This fan made trailer may give us a glimpse of what could be, in an alternate universe.  Read the rest of this entry

A Map Showing What’s More Popular, Star Wars or Star Trek, in Each State? AWESOME!

It’s the eternal geek question, what franchise reigns supreme? Does the battle between the Rebel Alliance and The Empire the king of the hill, or is the continuing mission where no one has gone before better? Well, now we know, and where they rank by state! Read the rest of this entry

Watch as Capt. Picard and the Enterprise Crew Sings ‘Let It Snow’

Everyone is in the holiday spirit, including the crew of the USS Enterprise. No, not that shitty Scott Bakula version, and not the original either. I’m talking about the next generation! Read the rest of this entry