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SPOTTED: Taylor Swift’s Illusive Belly Button Makes Rare Public Appearance

This is big news people. Big, big news. Why you ask? Because T-Swizzle has very openly said in the past that she doesn’t like to show her belly button, so what changed her mind? Read the rest of this entry

News Anchor Busts a Move to Taylor Swift. Co-Anchor Wants No Part of It

I can honestly say, that this kind of thing has happened in a ton of TV and radio studios all over the world. A good song comes on, and while the camera or mic if off, you bust a move or just start singing along. Hell, I’ve done it. But this news anchor’s partner is all business.  Read the rest of this entry

MLB Teams Sing-Along To A Taylor Swift Song on Twitter

Taylor Swift is everywhere.  She’s on your radio, television and in our wildest dreams.  Normally, we don’t mind – I mean, she’s a solid 11 on a scale from 1-10.  However, the last place we thought T-Swizzle would appear is in the sports world.  We check our guilty pleasures at the gate when we roll into a baseball game, right?  Not yesterday.  The MLB Twitter account posted a photo of baseball gloves, with the caption: “It’s a glove story”, a take on Swift’s song, It’s a Love Story.  Multiple baseball teams couldn’t resist to follow-up with a Twitter sing-along to the tune with their own team’s spin.  Check out the dig that the first place Brewers chipped in with! Read the rest of this entry

Watch Taylor Swift Get Kicked In The Face At The Grammy’s

Taylor Swift delivered a powerful performance at the Grammy’s on Sunday night. However, did you realize exactly why she was headbanging so much?  Read the rest of this entry