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Have A Look Inside QuakeCon

You know those days where everything just goes wrong and you’re so stressed you have to do something to get unwound? Some people have a few drinks, other work out. I like blowing people up! Oh yeah, nothing like throwing some rockets at someone and seeing their gibs go flying! I’m talking about the first person shooter Quake 3 Arena of course! But wouldn’t you want to do that with a whole building full of people gunning after you too? You can, and it’s called QuakeCon! The country’s biggest LAN party! Read the rest of this entry

Even The National Rifle Association Thinks Gun Carrying Texans Are Crazy

By now you’ve heard about a small group of people in Texas called Open Carry Texas, in which gun owners scare the shit out of people by bringing their weapons into restaurants because it’s their god given right. To that I say, it’s my right to say you’re bat shit crazy.  Read the rest of this entry