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Casey Kasem b. April 27, 1932 d. June 15, 2014

It is with deep sadness that we at X-Jock have learned of the passing of Casey Kasem, and extend to his family and close friends our sincerest condolences.

As our peer, we respected him for his talent and his striving to bring his best to every thing he did. We grew up to him as the voice of Shaggy on Scooby-Do, and we counted down the top 40 songs in the country every weekend with him.

We hope that his family and friends can take comfort in knowing that he left a lasting legacy, that we in the broadcasting community can aspire to bring to each of our own professional lives. He will be missed.

-The X-Jock Staff

Casey Kasem is Missing and The Wife Isn’t Talking

Now I’m not a police detective, or any kind of sleuth, but when you don’t know where your spouse who is suffering from Parkinsons is, and you’re responsible for their care, you’re gonna have a bad day with the law.

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