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New ‘Godzilla’ Trailer Shows The End of Days [VIDEO]

They tried to remake “Godzilla” once before and we all know how that went. In 2014 they are unleashing another remake on us but this time it’s different. This is a full on monster movie, and from this trailer it looks fantastic. Read the rest of this entry

New ‘Dawn of The Planet of The Apes’ Trailer Emerges

Fans of the ‘Planet of The Apes’ movie franchise are anxious for the next part of the prequel movies. Finally we get a look at what Caesar ad the rest of the apes have been up to since the end of “The Rise of The Planet of The Apes.” One look at this trailer, and you can tell that things have gone south for humanity, and the apes are jsut sitting and waiting to reclaim the earth.  Read the rest of this entry