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Researcher Makes Yogurt From The Bacteria in Her Vagina

We’ve heard about the woman who knitted things with yarn she had in her vagina, but now, a researcher has decided to make yogurt from the bacteria in her vagina. Yum! Read the rest of this entry

High School Sends Students Notice Of Mandatory Vagina Inspection

Imagine you’re a high school girl. You’re just going about your own business your senior year when all of a sudden a huge road block pops up right before graduation. You’ve done all your homework, but what if you vagina isn’t up to snuff? That could cost you.  Read the rest of this entry

Teen Gets Busted With A Gun Hidden in Her Vagina

I wish I could say I am surprised at this kind of thing, but after a news reports shows a camel toe, and a woman knits things with yarn from her vagina, I am pretty much tapped out of astonishment.  Read the rest of this entry

This Australian Woman Is Knitting Things From Her Vagina

Whatever you do, if this woman gives you a sweater as a gift, and says it’s homemade, don’t take. Chances are, it’s probably been inside of her vagina.  Read the rest of this entry