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Female Gamers Are Kicking Ass in E-Sports

There is a stereotype that female gamers are these über sexy girls sitting around, scantily clad in their undies and such and playing games like Princess Pony IV or some other non-sense, when actually, they are just gamers playing the games they love. Some of them are getting into the professional end of playing by becoming E-sport athletes and kicking ass! Read the rest of this entry

Procrastination at Work Just Got Easier With Internet Archive Video Games

Oh sweet heaven, there are so many classic arcade games to play and so little time. Thank god there are 7 hours in the work day (8 if you don’t take your lunch) to play them all. Read the rest of this entry

Mega Man Gets the ‘Dark Knight’ Treatment in Gritty Reboot

We all know Mega Man and is side scrolling adventures from our childhood. Now just imagine that Christopher Nolan got his hands on this character to tell his story, and you get this video from Loot CrateRead the rest of this entry

This Video Is For All Those People Who Say Video Games Are Bad For You

We’ve all heard the argument that playing video games is no good for you, but could that be all wrong? This new video from ASAP Science will silence all those old people blaming video games for what’s wrong with society.  Read the rest of this entry