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Frank Palangi In Studio Live!


Listen to our interview with local rocker Frank Palangi today at 4:05pm on X1, Albany’s Online Rock or watch us live on our Facebook page!

Mashup! Cast A Star Trek Character As A Character From X-Men! [VIDEO]

Saw this picture on Facebook and thought this would be a cool thing to do. Take a character from the Star Trek TV shows and movies, and cast them as characters from X-Men! Good guys or bad guys! Put your ideas in the comments below and we’ll talk about them on the next Geek Show!

And yes, I know I said Worf was Beast when he’s obviously Wolverine. I missed the claws.. Rookie mistake.  😦

BIG Rich’s Geek Cave – Leinenkugel’s Orange Shandy Beer Review [VIDEO]

If you’ve been following my Twitter or my Facebook, you know I am building a studio in my home to produce podcasts, like the X-Cast, as well as videos, to post here for you. Well, here’s the first of I hope will be many from my “Geek Cave”. (more…)

Kevin Bacon Explains The ’80s To Millennials [VIDEO]

You have to love Kevin Bacon’s sense of humor. This guy can do a show like “The Following” that totally creeps me out and turn around and do a hilarious video about ’80s Awareness.  Read the rest of this entry

Jimmy Fallon’s Ragtime Version of ‘Ignition (Remix)’ Wins All The Awards

Once again Jimmy Fallon has hit a home run. The world says we need something, and he delivers a barbershop quartet version of R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix).” I have no doubt that one day he will bring world peace.  Read the rest of this entry

Kate Gosselin and Twins Bond With Awkward ‘Today Show’ Interview

Warning: This is the most awkward interview ever. I can’t figure out if these girls hate their mother, hate the spotlight that has been thrust upon them, or are just typical teenage girls.  Read the rest of this entry

The Bro-Mance Between James Franco and Seth Rogan Is Fantasic

One thing is certain. When James Franco gets together with Seth Rogan it makes me laugh. “Pineapple Express” was just the beginning for these two, and now they have tackled spoofing possibly the most ridiculous music video of all time.  Read the rest of this entry