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More NFL Bad Lip Reading, And No One Is Safe

The Bad Lip Reading folks are back at it with another hilarious montage of NFL players saying not quite the right things. Every time I see this sort of thing, I wish it was really what they were saying, because it’s much more hilarious. Unless it’s Richard Sherman, and it’s always hilarious.  Read the rest of this entry

Where Are They Now Christmas Version: Cindy Lou Who aka Taylor Momsen

If you’ve been watching Christmas movies like I have the past few weeks, you’ve seen ABC Family replay How The Grinch Stole Christmas, starring Jim Carrey, about 20 times. And the breakout star of the movie aside from Carrey, was the little girl who played Cindy Lou Who. But where is this child actor now? Faring better than most other child actors, because she’s a bad ass rock girl and she’s hot too! Read the rest of this entry

Watch as Capt. Picard and the Enterprise Crew Sings ‘Let It Snow’

Everyone is in the holiday spirit, including the crew of the USS Enterprise. No, not that shitty Scott Bakula version, and not the original either. I’m talking about the next generation! Read the rest of this entry

Jason Kidd Figures Out A Way To Take A Timeout, With No Timeouts Left

Before anyone gets all over Jason Kidd for being a cheater, can we just discuss that he’s probably not the only person to get some time to draw up a play by doing something sketchy?  Read the rest of this entry

Miley Cyrus Performs With Cat at AMAs, And We Don’t Really Understand Why

Alright, I love cats, and I like girls in little to no clothing, but this acid trip by Miley Cyrus still has me scratching my head.  Read the rest of this entry