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East Greenbush Walmart Fires Employee After Redeeming $5.10 in Bottles Left in the Parking Lot

A local man has lost his job just before the holidays for doing nothing more than his job, it appears.  Walmart in East Greenbush fired Thomas Smith, hired to collect shopping carts from the parking lot, for redeeming $5.10 in discarded bottles and cans he found while cleaning trash. Read the rest of this entry

Watch Two Women Beat The Hell Out of Each Other At Walmart [VIDEO]

Some things never cease to amaze us. One of those thing sis the predictability of the wonderful people who shop at Walmart.  Read the rest of this entry

Couple Arrested For Eating a Chicken in Walmart Then Not Paying For It

From the “I can believe this story, because it happened in a Walmart” department, a man and a woman were arrested after eating a whole rotisserie chicken and then leaving the store without paying for it. I’m starting to believe that Walmart is as crazy as Florida men are, because of some of the stories that come out of that place.  Read the rest of this entry

Teenager Lived in a Walmart for Four Days and No One Noticed

Employees say they were shocked when they discovered a 14 year old kid was living in their store for the past four days. I’m kind of surprised it didn’t end up on the people of Walmart blog. How did he do it? Read the rest of this entry