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5 Places Colder Than Where You Are Right Now

Yes, it’s cold as hell right now, but we don’t have it all that bad. There are plenty of places that are far colder than any part of the United States right now.  Read the rest of this entry

Why Do We Live in New York State? …

The title of this blog says it all. I’ve thought about it multiple times. Why do I stay? My family is here and I’m very close to my family. So I got married, inherited a step-daughter, bought a house, and am now expecting a child – all in New York State. I figure everywhere you live there is going to be something you don’t like. For me, it’s the snow and cold.

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East Coast Ravaged By Winter Storm Anus?

A lot of the East Coast woke up to at least 12″ of snow, and it apparently came right out of Mother nature’s majestic butt hole.  Read the rest of this entry