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Watch Korean Girls Try American BBQ

Some here in America envy what other countries have. I personally love English and Scottish food, even though I was brought up in an Italian household and believe pizza is a major food group! But we should keep in mind, that we are the envy to other countries for what we have too. Like our Barbecued food. It’s something new for Koreans and these girls let us know what they think about some of our most popular BBQ foods. Read the rest of this entry

Social Experiment: Would You Notice This Woman Wearing Just A Thong And Painted On jeans?

If you say no, you are clearly not alone. As demonstrated in this video no one seems to notice that this woman is walking down the street in only a thong.  Read the rest of this entry

News Station Protects Witness Identity By Avoiding Her Face, And Filming Her Camel Toe

Oh, and what a massive camel toe it is.  Read the rest of this entry

Fifteen Year French Study Says Bras Make Boobs Sag/Unnessecary

Some very smart French scientists have recently concluded a 15 year study on breasts and the necessity of wearing bras. After all that time, the conclusion is that they are a ‘False Necessity’, and will actually encourage them to sag, and provide no benefits and may be harmful in the long term. I should have guessed the French would be doing a study like this. Read the rest of this entry

Three Days After Giving Birth, This New Mom Has Rock Hard Abs, And The World Is Pissed

Sometimes when celebrities have a baby we are amazed that they lose the baby belly so fast. Usually it’s within a month, or so. Still, that’s super quick compared to the months that it takes most normal mothers to get back into shape after a pregnancy. Until this super woman emerged online, and made a whole lot of people mad.  Read the rest of this entry